When selecting haddock from the frigid currents of the Denmark Strait, or salmon from the depths off the Chilean coast, our goal is ambitious yet our focus is precise. Provide the very best by doing things the right way. We will never sacrifice quality, safety, or effort in being your single source for a world of succulent seafood options.

Our Four Areas of Focus

For us, sustainability is a commitment that stretches from sea to table to tomorrow. Whether wild caught or farmed, our seafood always comes from third-party-certified sources whose impact will be significant on your menu but minimal on the environment.

Farmed Seafood FAQs

Knowing the quality of seafood starts with knowing its address. Our range of products has been curated from the very best sources around the globe. From Icelandic waters to volcanically nourished Lake Toba, covering more than 30 species and 20 countries, no matter where great seafood comes from, it comes from us.

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We offer a broad range of processed and unprocessed seafood products to serve your unique aspirations, abilities, and challenges. Tender, buttery shrimp for a signature dish, ready-to-cook beer battered cod, and myriad other options—we will help you find the seafood that’s just right for your kitchen, guests, and goals.

Seafood Guide

Seafood is rich with possibilities, and we’re here to help you make the most of them. Through unmatched innovation, targeted promotions, valuable insights, attention-grabbing marketing materials, and more, our tools and services will ensure that when mouthwatering seafood is on your menu it will also be on your guests’ minds.

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