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At High Liner Foods, we search the globe for seafood sources that meet our rigorous standards in terms of quality, food safety, and social responsibility. Whether wild-caught or farmed, we are highly selective to guarantee the very best for you, your guests, and the families and communities with whom we work. And we have the transparency and traceability to prove it.

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For us, sustainability is a commitment that stretches from sea to table to tomorrow. Our outlook is focused on providing exceptional seafood for generations to come, so we will never put species or environments at risk for short-term gain. With every step we take forward, we are ensuring that our footprint is minimal while helping you make the most of exceptional seafood.


Cold vs. Warm Water

Cold waters tend to have less seafood species but larger quantities of those species, whereas warm waters have more variety of species, but smaller quantities of each.

Fresh vs. Salt Water

Fish can be wild-caught or farmed in both fresh and salt water, and both require careful management of population and pollutants to protect ecosystems and safe consumption.

Natural Habitats

As much as possible, it’s best to allow fish to flourish in their natural habitats. As aquaculture has advanced over the last few decades, this can be achieved in wild and farmed populations.

Aquaculture & Wild


Modern aquaculture allows fish to be raised in their natural habitats while limiting their exposure to pollutants and maintaining healthy fish populations.


Wild-caught seafood captures diners’ attention and sells well—the challenge is to manage what the fish might consume, and to prevent over-fishing.

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Sourcing & Sustainability Certifications

Marine Stewardship Council
Global Aquaculture Alliance
asc Certified
Best Aquaculture Practices Certified

We are committed to sourcing seafood from sustainable or responsible sources (wild-caught and farmed).

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Education Partners

partners & Education resources

Protecting the waters and seafood of the world is a task that takes many groups working alongside one another, sharing resources to achieve a common goal. We are exceptionally proud to share in our endeavors with a select group of partners and encourage every one of our customers to learn more about them.

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