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With responsibly sourced options from around the globe—including salmon from the Faroe Islands, tilapia from Toba Lake, and so much more—we have the seafood to help ensure that every time a guest opens a menu, eyes widen and mouths water. 

Your segment. Your seafood.

Find the seafood that’s right for you by exploring our segment-specific brochures. All the species, options, and info you need, all in one place.

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Redhook Battered Shrimp

Round Tail-Off Redhook Ale Shrimp, 31-35 ct.

Redhook® Ale Beer Battered Seafood offers a rich taste and unique copper color. This popular style of seafood creates a uniquely craveable beer battered experience available in a variety of sizes and species.

Salmon Steaks

IQF Faroe Island Salmon Fillet, 4 oz.

Faroe Island Salmon is rich in buttery Salmon flavor and beautiful Salmon color. Perfect for premium Salmon dishes, this top consumption species delivers a Salmon experience that’s nothing short of delicious.

Cod Loin

IQF Atlantic Cod Loin, 5 oz.

Patrons love the flaky, white texture and mild taste that cod is famous for. North Atlantic Cod is versatile, provides consistent quality and is available in a variety of packs and fillet cuts.

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Pollock Wild Wing Open Face Submarines

Beer Battered Tacos

Beer Battered Pollock Tacos

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Sustainable seafood is soaring on menus.

Find out how to bring succulent, responsibly sourced seafood to your establishment.

If you have any questions about how High Liner Foods starts from a better place, or would like to find out how to bring the very best seafood to your establishment, we’d love to hear from you.

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