Regional Seafood Favorites

Every part of the country is unique when it comes to seafood. Explore the map to find out which species and styles are most popular in each region.



Northeasterners love recipes featuring seafood they can find just off their shores. Crab cakes, lobster tails, clam chowder, and even white clam pizza are regional favorites.


Southeasterners go for recipes that feature Cajun spices and southern classics. Jambalaya, shrimp & grits, oven fried catfish, and Cajun lasagna with shrimp are standouts.


Midwesterners enjoy recipes with freshwater fish familiar to the lakes and rivers of the region. Fried walleye, breaded and fried catfish, perch, or whitefish, plus the occasional fish boil.


In the Southwest, fish tacos are always a hit. But American Basque fish cuisine, baked or crusted tilapia, and traditional fish paired with a zesty salsa will all attract crowds too.


The Northwest is known for salmon in all its forms. Cedar plank grilled salmon, smoked salmon, pan-roasted salmon, poached salmon, and slow roasted salmon are all favorites.

Seasonal Seafood Favorites

Seafood is a wonderful option year-round, but knowing how best to menu it each season can be the difference between having seafood on the menu and becoming a seafood destination.

Seasonal Recipes

Spring & Summer

As the seasons when more time is spent outdoors experiencing Mother Nature in full bloom, spring and summer are perfect for lighter seafood fare. This means offering more grilled or baked options as entrées, or working seafood into salads and pastas. Flavor pairings play an important role too. As the weather warms, citrus flavor accents become more and more appealing, and allow guests to enjoy even more bright sensations.

Seasonal Recipes

Fall & Winter

As the weather cools and the leaves change, heartier seafood—often with a little more spice—will warm palates through the fall and winter months. Battered options like fish & chips, or stews, bisques, and jambalaya are recipes that are known to draw in crowds. Plus, with Lenten season beginning mid-winter, more and more guests will be seeking seafood options—providing ample opportunity for experimentation with seafood dishes you might consider adding to the regular menu.

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