Frozen vs Fresh: What You Need to Know

August 2018


Frozen and fresh aren’t what they used to be. While the idea that fresh is the better choice has become prevalent in a lot of consumers’ minds, with the recent powerful and rapid deep-freeze technologies that have been developed frozen is actually a way to ensure customers get a consistently higher-quality product.


Fresh fish is often refrigerated or iced down on-board ship for hours, or even days. While this may slow the growth of bacteria and enzymes, it won’t stop it. But using the latest technology to flash-freeze seafood immediately after being caught, bacteria growth and enzymatic activity is stopped within minutes of harvest.


And there’s the potential waste and profit to consider as well. While all seafood is highly perishable even when refrigerated properly, fresh seafood can lead to even more waste of food and money. This is a problem both for operations’ bottom lines and the sustainability of our world as a whole. By taking the exact amount of seafood needed from the freezer day to day, there is zero waste on a product that is already often less expensive in the first place.


Our partner Rammi’s trawler “Solberg” allows them to catch and fully process their fish to a frozen state within 2 hours of being caught. This process includes state-of-the-art equipment like a high-tech heading machine, computerized filleting machine, a new type of water cutting machine and automatic plate and IQF freezers. All this means you get some of the highest-quality, freshest tasting fish with better texture and more flavor than ever before.

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