Lent Rebate

Every Bite Better

In 2018, starting with Lent, every order of seafood is doing even more. Download the rebate to get up to $500 on seafood or donate it to help hungry families. For every case you purchase, High Liner foods will donate $5 per case to Feeding America.

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Each Order Helps

Feeding America

This Lenten season, you can help make every bite better with each order of seafood. In addition to serving succulent, healthful options to your guests, High Liner Foods will donate $5 per case to Feeding America. You can also choose to donate your full rebate to help provide warm, healthful meals to hungry families and children.

Feeding America is a nationwide network of food banks that is working tirelessly to end hunger. Through 60,000 food pantries and meal programs, the network provide millions of meals to people in need.

The goal is raise over $100,000 to help hungry families

Your Guests

Seafood offers a range of health benefits—from a healthier heart to a healthier mind. That’s why nutrition experts recommend eating it at least twice a week.

Seafood is a high-protein, low-fat food

It’s a great source of vitamin B, vitamin D & essential omega-3 fatty acids

By replacing one serving of red meat per day with fish, mortality rates can be reduced by up to 7%1

From Sea to Table to Tomorrow

High Liner Foods is committed to sustainability. Our outlook is focused on providing exceptional seafood for generations to come, so we will never put fish species or environments at risk for short-term gain.

Our seafood is responsibly sourced with third-party certification

Wild-caught fish are managed to ensure healthy fish populations

Aquaculture sources meet the highest standards of safety and quality

Menuing & LTO Ideas

Sales of seafood can surge more than 20% during Lent2

During Lent, just letting guests know that delicious seafood is available can go a long way promoting sales.

On Fridays, seafood sales can surge up to 50% vs. non-Lent Fridays3

With growing awareness of Fish Friday, it’s the perfect day of the week to offer seafood specials during Lent. Create Fried Fish Fridays and offer limited-time prices or sides with a fried whitefish entrée.

Explore Recipes

20% of adults say they eat more seafood during Lent4

Lent is also the perfect time to try new or unique seafood offerings that might turn into menu regulars. Try BBQ fish tacos for something familiar yet different, or offer half-price specials on coconut tilapia to introduce something new.

Social Media Kit

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—they’re all great ways to get the word out about seafood during Lent. To help, we’ve put together a kit that has suggested posts to generate plenty of likes and lots of seafood love.

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Promotional Materials

Be sure to take advantage of our free promotional materials. The available window cling announces your seafood support of Feeding America, and the table tent lets guests know why ordering seafood is good for them and people in need. And for staff training, we have a back-of-house poster with all the information they’ll need to ensure this promotion makes a difference in your place and others’ lives.

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If you have any questions about how High Liner Foods starts from a better place, or would like to find out how to bring the very best seafood to your establishment, we’d love to hear from you.

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